Available Offices for Rent

To view our vacant offices, please click on the office number below. You can see where that office is located on the floor plan. 

To take a tour of the entire office, including the kitchen, board room and other shared amenities please take a tour here

This is a beautiful office space. Great for a company that hosts clients and perfect for small meetings. This office has two big windows that face east, making the room bright and open. It’s right down the corridor from the boardroom, reception and kitchen. 

This is a bright and spacious office with a great view overlooking Gateway Blvd. Trimmed in teak and oak, this Edmonton office space has a comfortable and professional feel. It’s located directly across from the boardroom and kitchen, the prime location for a legal or financial office. 

This beautiful office space in Edmonton is bright and open. It’s large facing window provides views of Gateway Blvd and downtown. This roomy office can host a team, offering lots of space to meet with clients, spread out paperwork or collaborate with colleagues. It’s located in the north corridor with quick access to reception and the kitchen.

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